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What Makes McGuire Furniture Different

If you are looking for beautiful pieces of furniture that are made from the highest quality natural materials by master craftsmen who take their time over every item, you need look no further than McGuire Furniture. McGuire is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of stylish design and excellent quality. When you buy […]

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Dining Room

The modern dining room is more than just a space in which to entertain friends and with a bit of careful planning, it can be one of the most versatile and stylish rooms in the house. To design the perfect dining room, follow these five tips – 1. Take time to choose the right table […]

Design a Living Room with McGuire Furniture

If you’re looking for striking furniture that will help you design the perfect space for your clients, McGuire Living Room Furniture is sure to add subtle sophistication to any home. This line of furniture features designs with an emphasis on casual luxury along with a laid-back California vibe. Many products feature handmade detailing to ensure […]

Why North Carolina Made Furniture Is So Great

When it comes to quality furniture, you may be surprised to learn that North Carolina made furniture is some of the best in the world. This unique part of the country is known as one of the largest hubs of furniture manufacturing in the United States and the world. The state got its start as […]

Furniture Collection Profile: Thomas Pheasant

Elevate and transform your home with pieces from the Thomas Pheasant Furniture Collection. This internationally recognized furniture designer offers a variety of furnishings for the home with a focus on quality and luxury. From the bedroom to your living room and beyond, you’ll discover incredible furniture from this renowned collection. Look for chairs, tables, and […]

Furniture Collection Profile: Barbara Barry

If you’re looking for gorgeous furnishings for the home, the Barbara Barry Furniture Collection is an excellent choice. This renowned designer has created some of the most influential furniture of the last few decades. From tables and seating options to lighting and accessories, each piece designed by Barbara boasts sophisticated aesthetics and high-quality materials and […]

The Value of Baker Furniture

When it comes to producing high-quality, stylish items for the home, Baker Furniture is one of the most well-respected brands in the industry. There are many reasons to buy Baker Furniture, from the intense attention to detail to the use of quality materials, unique designs, and more. This trusted brand offers amazing furnishings for every […]

Is Shifman a Good Mattress?

Your mattress plays an integral role in your quality of sleep as well as the quality of your life. If you’re searching for the right mattress, you may wonder if Shifman mattresses are good. This brand creates luxurious sleeping surfaces in every size to create a restful bedroom you’ll love. Read on to discover if […]

5 Things to Consider When Furnishing Your Bedroom in Miami

Miami boasts a sunny climate and a vibrant culture like no other. When it comes to furnishing your bedroom in Miami, there are plenty of things to consider before you update this important space. From new beds to dressers, décor, and nightstands, you want to be sure you select pieces that reflect the Miami lifestyle. […]

The Quality of Italian Designed Furniture

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect furniture for your home, Italian designed furnishings offer high-end, luxe style and unsurpassed quality. This furniture boasts incredibly unique features with a focus on quality materials and an unparalleled fit and finish. No matter what room of your home you need to furnish, read on to discover […]