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Designer Profile: Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant’s furniture radiates luxury. This masterful designer has been recognized internationally for his interior design prowess and the quality of the furniture in his portfolio. In this designer spotlight, we explore Pheasant’s history and discover what inspires him to design such breathtaking artful pieces of furniture. Who is Thomas Pheasant? Pheasant grew up in […]

Designer Profile: Laura Kirar

Laura Kirar has accomplished a lot in her career. She is a world-renowned interior and product designer on a mission to cultivate artistic talent across the globe. But how did Laura Kirar rise to the top of the industry? In this designer profile, we explore her past and what inspires her designs. History After graduating […]

Designer Profile: Jean Louis Deniot

Known globally for capturing the spirit of beauty within his designs, the work of Jean Louis Deniot is unmistakable. In this designer profile, we explore Deniot’s past, inspirations, and successes so you can learn more about this designer’s career and learn how he used his talent to become a giant in the industry. History Jean […]

Designer Profile: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is known worldwide as a chat show host and TV personality, but in recent years she has become a prominent figure in the world of interior design, having launched her lifestyle brand in 2015 to great critical success. But why did Ellen DeGeneres start designing furniture? In this designer profile, we examine the […]

Designer Profile: Charlotte Moss

With a career spanning over 30 years, Charlotte Moss is a legend in the world of interior design. She has won countless awards and honors throughout her career and was recently named one of Elle Décor’s Top Designers on their Grand Master List. But Moss did not have the traditional entry into the interior design […]

Complement Your Bedroom with Barbara Barry from Baker

The bedroom should be a place of tranquility, somewhere your clients can curl up with a good book, watch a movie before bed or just relax after a long day at work. But finding quality pieces of furniture for the bedroom that represent your client’s personal style while still offering functional storage solutions for the […]

Designer Profile: Thom Filicia

  Thom Filicia is a man of many talents. He is known across the world as an interior designer, author, television personality, and influencer. As one of the most influential figures in the design sphere right now, the pieces brought about through his collaborations with prominent brands are some of the most sought after pieces […]

Designer Profile: Bill Sofield

Talent like that of Bill Sofield is rare. He is thought to be one of the most gifted designers of his generation, able to create pieces that become the interior architecture to any room they are in. His art pays homage to design trends of the past without feeling dated themselves. What shaped Bill Sofield’s […]

Designer Profile: Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams is one of the most talented designers working today. Her accomplishments in both the business and creative fields are enviable and inspiring for anyone looking to make it in the industry. Her eponymous firm Bunny Williams Interior Design allows her to mentor up and coming young designers and has helped to establish her […]

Designer Profile: Candice Olson

Candice Olson is best known for her time as a makeover show host, but she has been working in the interior design industry for over two decades. She used her time on your screen to grow her brand and is now one of the world’s most notable designers. Keep reading to find out more about […]