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Guide to Choosing the Right Sofa

The sofa marries style and function, making it one of the most important items you will buy for your client’s home.  This is why we wrote this guide for choosing the right sofa. Whatever its size, it will be sure to draw the eye as the epitome of comfort within the home. Therefore, it is […]

Best Outdoor Materials Guide

Your client’s outdoor space should be an extension of their home, not an addition. The materials used on your clients’ outdoor furniture is just as important as the look.  This is why we wrote this best outdoor materials guide.  Their outdoor furniture should embody their personal style just as a luxury living room or high-end […]

Create a Luxury Dining Room

The dining room is changing. Once, it was just a place for families to eat their meals. Now it is a social space where the family can gather and spend time together, both before and after meals. This evolution means that the dining room has become difficult to design even for the most talented interior […]

Create a Luxury Living Room

The living room is where the family comes together. It is the heart of the home, so your client should love every moment they get to spend in this space. However, we know that the importance of the living room within the home can make furnishing it daunting. And since every family’s idea of how […]

How to Identify Luxury Furniture

When you are designing your client’s space, you need to choose livable pieces that help them through their day-to-day life, pieces that add a personal touch to the space to prevent the room from feeling stiff and uninviting, pieces that speak to the soul of your client. You need luxury furniture. Luxury furniture is defined […]

Why Should I Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor space of a property can be just as stylish and elegant as the indoor space with the right pieces of furniture. When you are looking for furniture for your client’s outdoor space, it can be tempting to select a few pieces that are not of a high quality along with your luxury picks, […]

6 Designers of Baker Furniture

Furniture matters. The furniture you select for your client’s home must strike a visual balance between aesthetic versatility and elegant style. But, we know how difficult furnishing a home can be. It’s likely that your client has a busy schedule, which means they want to get the most out of every second they spend at […]

12 Luxury Furniture Brands

The furniture you choose for your client’s space defines their style, so you must select each piece of furniture with care, examining it for quality, craftsmanship, and character before you commit to a purchase. But when you have to go through this process for every piece of furniture you intend to buy for a home, […]

Utilize Century for Your Next Living Room Project

The living room you design for your client should be visually captivating yet exceedingly livable, and we know striking this balance can be difficult. Here at Décor House, we want to give back to our customers. in addition to being one of the top Miami luxury furniture stores, we also offer an array of design […]

Utilize Vanguard for Your Next Bedroom Project

  If you are looking for dependable, well-priced furniture with which to furnish your client’s home, look no further. Here at Décor House, we understand that the furniture you purchase for your client’s home will be with them long after you leave their service, so it is important to invest their money in pieces that […]